Long time no see!
It's been quite a while since I've posted in here. My primary social media now is Facebook, and my blogging is pretty much all done on Blogger. I've written five novels in my Lost Humanity series and published four of them. Hotel of Lost Souls, Pet, Bridges, and Predators are all available to read. I'm also writing a companion novel to the series and a horror-fantasy novel. I've found that the kind of writer I am isn't defined by genre. It's that I write books that are LGBTQIA+ inclusive (in the Lost Humanity, the protagonist is bisexual; in my horror novel, the protagonist is a lesbian, etc.).

I've recently rediscovered and binge watched Supernatural right up through Season Six. Since I'm not the spoiler type, all I'll say is that there was finally a death that has made it difficult for me to continue watching. Feels. They broke them.

I'd say the most interseting thing about me anymore is how often my hair changes. I've been having a lot of fun with it. Oh, and I've been working on losing weight. I'm down 28lbs and up to walking five+ miles a day. Since I was hoping to improve my mobility and fix whatever's wrong with my heart, I've at least got the first part down. I'm too scared of getting a fat phobic doctor to just schedule an appointment with one, and I'm not sure how to find one outside of the stupid providers handbook. I have health issues that have been ignored for over 10 years now, though.

I love to Instagram, and you can find me there as Xakana, as usual.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. What the hell does anyone use LiveJournal for anymore, anyway?

I'm a Published Author!
amused, smile

 Book Cover

In February of 2011, I conceived Katarina and had a dream, which I talked about in my pregnancy announcement in March, here. This turned into a book that I have the proud pleasure of announcing is now officially published!

I am a published author! That is so exciting and fulfilling to be able to say! My book is called Hotel of Lost Souls and I really enjoyed the process of writing it and even editing it. It hasn't become old to me, rereading it over and over to make sure to get all the tiny little errors that I and my editor missed the first, second, third, etc. time through, so I think this one is a keeper!

If you like vampires and Urban Fantasy (especially Anita Blake), then you should like my book! My dream was very strange that night so long ago in that I was a male and had no memory of being my real self--I'm usually quite aware that I'm not normally a guy in my dreams. It was complex and so thorough that a little prompting from a friend encouraged me to bring it to life.

From the back cover:

News-media segments about modern slavery are short and quickly forgotten by the average Joe or Jane. But it's out there. So are vampires. They're known, legal citizens--and they aren't the only relic from the past still alive and well. Their victims certainly don't have the opportunity to forget that slavery is still a very real problem.

On a train to Florida's tourist traps, Zack Henderson, an EMT in training, meets college students Sarah Gallagher and Jamie Adams. They're just hoping for a break from the tedium of college tests and professors. They can never imagine what is in store for them when vampires show up to take over their lives. When the smoke clears, they are left wondering: Did they really survive?

You can read a sample chapter here or from the link on my website. If you like it, you can purchase it from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

You don't need an eReader to read my eBook, either! You can read the book now on your phone or computer using the Nook App or soon using the Amazon Kindle App (both of which are free!). If you're using an iPad or iPod, you can get Stanza, a free eReading app and read any format that you like!

If nothing can replace the feel and smell of a real book for you, head on over to Lulu and pick up a slightly-larger-than-average paperback! You'll get to experience it the way it was meant to be read! eBooks can't display the little artsy touches at the beginning of each chapter or the fonts that the handwritten notes in the story use. With a physical book, you get back cover art, too!

Finished my first novel
Three weeks ago yesterday, I had a dream. It was a very strange dream that I overslept trying to finish. For one, I was male and for two, there was a sexy evil vampire that I fell in love with. I woke up desperate to tell someone and so I ended up writing the whole dream down (to the best of my memory) and my friend told me that I should make it into a book. Dubious, I decided to see if I could make a short story out of it.

That was 100,761 words ago. I wrote over 5,000 words that first day and so, that became my goal. After several days of it and my kids getting chicken pox disrupting my goal, I decided to see if others did daily goals and I found out that I'd way overshot, with professionals typically topping out at 3,000 a day. So I set a more reasonable goal of 1,000 a day (the highest goal recommended) with an ideal goal of 5,000. The 1,000 gave me comfort on days where I only had about a half hour to write. I was just determined to write every day.

Well, my urban fantasy/psychological horror book is now in editing stage (finished yesterday), although it's already been read by two of the most critical readers that I know with an overwhelmingly positive response.

This is the first time I've ever been proud of myself as a writer. I'm very excited that I finally finished a novel. I've certainly tried... about five times before (the middle has always killed me in the past).. but this time, I went past trying. I did it.

Got a new piercing... and other mod updates...
Actually, two new piercings. Hooray! I went in for the $20 tattoos/$10 piercings special at my fave parlor and the flash they had was just not what I wanted (and I don't have anything small enough to qualify--got quoted $50 for my IDIC) so I decided to finish my left ear. Now my ears are finished--yay!

And since I don't think I ever posted my Mother's Day present here:

My husband and I met on the fanfic group Voq Je Bang, which means "truth and love" and is a Star Trek: Voyager fanfic group. The two big stars represent DH and I and the little ones represent our girls :D

I guess I never posted when I dyed my hair purple, either, lol, so you can see it reflected in my new avatar pic :)

The Robots are coming, the Robots are coming... and they're HUNGRY!
okay, yeah
Bow before the Technology... or it will eat you.

Want to fuck with America? No, no you don't. Ignoring all robot-warning movies from Terminator to Tim Burton's 9, DARPA has come up with the latest in terrifyingly evil concepts—EATR.

What is EATR? Well, in short, it's an ENERGETICALLY AUTONOMOUS TACTICAL ROBOT. Still don't know what that means? It means that it can derive its own energy sources from biomatter (grass, wood, garbage, roadkill, enemy corpses—basically anything but metal, plastic and Velveeta) so it can outlast the Energizer Bunny. And then eat it.
Here's the technical specs:

Oh, is that a Chainsaw I see? Yes, yes it is. And the Ramp for PackBots? Why, that would be the baby making orifice! This sucker can potentially BREED. “It might also be fitted with DARPA's SELF tech, enabling it to construct copies of itself and modify its own design.”


This is the face of the future enemy. Get a good look now, because it's going to be harder when we reach this point:
You think not? Well, how about this spec explanation:
The 4D/RCS is a domain-independent approach to goal-directed, sensory interactive, adaptable behavior, integrating high-level cognitive reasoning with low-level perception and feedback control in a modular, well-structured, and theoretically grounded methodology It can be used to achieve full or supervised intelligent autonomy of individual platforms, as well as an overarching framework for control of systems of systems (e.g., incorporating unmanned and manned air, ground, sea surface, and undersea platforms, as well as serving as a decision tool for system of systems human controllers)
I don't like how that sounds. It can decide FOR us, can it? Oh, I'm sure that's not what that means... or is it?
And, of course, it's not DESIGNED to eat us. Of course not. As you see in this official illustration, the perception of what it consumes is totally benign:

And clearly, the intention is for it to be a vegetarian, as illustrated here:

So, as you can see, it's only going to eat your pot. Hmm... maybe it's not just designed for foreign wars, but our own homespun war on drugs as well. Of course, what's that going to leave us with when it tosses all that green into its burner?
Oh, yeah. Well, that's not so bad.
Oh, my.
So, let's review. So far, we have a chainsaw-wielding, pot stealing, flesh eating, giant killer smoking robot. Could it get any worse?

Oh, it's got a webcam. So it can post on YouTube while it slaughters us. So the other robots can laugh at us. And with the Japanese corpse-mover being invented around the same time, it's already got a lackey.
Of course, that robot's not just for corpses, but for moving bums from the street, too. If we toss in the automatic voice-recognizing sniper-bot with a two-mile shooting range...
...we're fucked.

My God, I finished it...
OMG, it's finished. 162,600 words, 197 Open Office pages (way too many printed pages--we're talking upwards of 650 pages) and 13 years of my life--finished. Now it's all new territory ahead to finish book two of the book. I have no idea what's coming for the first time in the entire history of the book. Last save at 3:06 AM. I'll have to edit it eventually, but for now, it's closed and I'm not touching it.

This is a huge milestone in my life.

My husband Rocks
Because he bought me this shirt. Oh, yeah, it's awesome.

Quizzes ganked from my Blue sis

Halloween Meme!
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
xakana goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as A pumpkin preggo belly.
baby_tweety84 gives you 1 purple banana-flavoured jawbreakers.
cadkitten gives you 13 brown spearmint-flavoured pieces of taffy.
crashcart9 tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
inugrrrl gives you 17 brown raspberry-flavoured gumdrops.
jojo_kun tricks you! You lose 5 pieces of candy!
kartusch gives you 12 orange mint-flavoured gummy bats.
xakana ends up with 38 pieces of candy, and a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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